Somewhere between a kid and a king
Still tons of untouched #powder if you know where to look for it.
Slash and Berm banked slalom through The Stash is rocking and fresh snow is falling! @killingtonparks @killingtonmtn
Jameo neat
Powder up top, spring down low. #theBeast  (at Killington Resort)
Nightfall. (at Killington Peak)
@killingtonmtn is caked. (at K-1 Gondola)
Party cloudy. Mostly awesome. (at Killington Peak Lodge)
Watched Jingle All the Way then took the dogs to the woods. #contrast #WV
Another day in paradise.
-16 outside but Mona is staying warm.
The calm before the storm with a view of Killington Peak. (at Pico Peak)
Only a fool would filter this. (at Killington Peak)
Gobbled up some snow for lunch today. (at Killington Resort)
Get rich or die mayan.